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From the Chinese bitcoin miner exodus that crashed crypto markets from their highs in April to the Evergrande news that led to large scale sell offs in global equities, global markets have experienced a whirlwind of events that have stirred up market volatility.

US equity market volatility

Markets go up and down all the time, volatility is a mainstay in any functional market, therefore it will be unwise not to practice absolute return investing. Absolute return investing is a category of investment strategies that seek to earn a positive return over time — regardless of whether markets are going up, down, or sideways — and to do so with less volatility than stocks

We have been successfully offering absolute return investment options in the form of managed investment accounts to individual investors since 2018. Our standard investment account has a year to date return of 86.3%. Outperforming bitcoin — 49.52% and the S&P 500 which stood at 18.43% at the time of writing.

We primarily invest client funds through active derivatives trading, meaning not only are we able to perform profitably through downturns in the market, we also benefit from the volatility. You can very much double your annual investment portfolio growth by allocating as little as 10% of your investment portfolio into absolute return investing.

Our AI machines analyse millions of data points that create a stable trading environment.

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